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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
# Configuration for `autopep8`, allowing the command: autopep8 .
# to reformat all source files.
# NOTE: the settings defined here map directly to command line arguments
# which will override these settings when passed in to autopep8.
max_line_length = 120
ignore = [
# Info: Use `isinstance()` instead of comparing types directly.
# Why disable? Changes code logic, in rare cases we want to compare exact types.
# Info: Fix bare except.
# Why disable? Disruptive, leave our exceptions alone.
# Info: Fix module level import not at top of file.
# Why disable? Re-ordering imports is disruptive and breaks some scripts
# that need to check if a module has already been loaded in the case of reloading.
# Info: Fix various deprecated code (via lib2to3)
# Why disable? Does nothing besides incorrectly adding a duplicate import,
# could be reported as a bug except this is likely to be removed soon, see:
# Use aggressive as many useful edits are disabled unless it's enabled.
# Any edits which are overly disruptive or risky can be removed in the `ignore` list.
aggressive = 2
# Exclude:
# - `./extern/` because it's maintained separately.
# - `./tools/svn_rev_map/` contains data-files which are slow to re-format and don't benefit from formatting.
# - `./scripts/addons*` because it is an external repository.
# which can contain their own configuration and be handled separately.
# - `./scripts/modules/` because it's a generated data-file.
exclude = """
# Omit settings such as `jobs`, `in_place` & `recursive` as they can cause editor utilities that auto-format on save
# to fail if the STDIN/STDOUT is used for formatting (which isn't compatible with these options).
# Black shouldn't be used as a formatter. But if it's accidentally
# used, it certainly shouldn't change all the quote marks around
# strings. This simply makes such a mistake easier to recover from.
skip-string-normalization = true
line-length = 120